Top Things To Do In Your Baby’s First Year

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Top Things To Do In Your Baby’s First Year

September 27, 2018 Photography 0
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The first year of your baby’s life is a magical phase that will evoke fond memories for the rest of your life! This incredible year will be filled with many firsts, numerous surprises and countless giggles. The article below details a few of the things that you can do to celebrate the beauty of these enchanting 12 months.

Take photos

Yes, take lots and lots of photos! You will always have a camera in hand now thanks to smart phones so put it to good use. You will never regret any photo that you have taken. Make sure everything is stored well too. You can always frame and hang the best ones around the house!Hire an expert baby photographer and get some cute portraits done as well. These will be perfect gifts to give grandparents.

Maintain a keepsake journal

Buy yourself a fancy ‘baby book’ and fill it with interesting details about your baby. You can even get creative and make your own personal journal. Paste lots of photos in it and write down the endearing things your baby does and says. You can even embrace the modern ways of communication and create an email address for your baby and write emails. You will be able to write emails as the years progress too and maybe one day, when he/ she is ready to go off to college, you can share the password. Your son/ daughter will love reading through the emails that you have written through the years, since day one!

Celebrate special events in style

You can celebrate festivals grandly now that a little person has joined your gang! If you celebrate Christmas for instance, buy everyone matching pajamas and get a brand new, beautiful Christmas stocking for the little one. Yes, sure she doesn’t even know what is going on but you do! You can introduce yourselves to the grand concept of family photography during special festivals too!

Record baby’s cry

Yes it breaks your heart when your little one’s eyes fill with tiny tears but take a moment to record that precious cry at least once. You will smile when you listen to it again in a few years, remembering all those troubled nights when that beautiful sound roused you from your precious slumber!

Take a monthly photo

Every month, take a photo of your baby and try to get creative with the poses. Make sure you take copies and label them too. Within the first year of his life, he goes through remarkable changes and it is well worth documenting it!Hope you have a truly incredible first year with your precious one!

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