Helpful Tips To Organise A Baby Naming Ceremony

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Helpful Tips To Organise A Baby Naming Ceremony

November 14, 2018 Photography 0
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The naming ceremony is an occasion celebrating the birth of a new born baby in the family. It is usually organised by the parents of the new born child. A naming ceremony is a great way to introduce the additional member to the family and close friends. Some people carry out the religious rituals on the naming ceremony but it can also be a simple occasion where family and friends gather together to celebrate the birth of a new baby. Planning a baby naming ceremony whether a casual party or a religious ceremony requires a lot of planning and this job usually falls on the parents of the baby. Here are some tips for the parents to reduce the stresses of organising a wonderful naming ceremony.

Guest List

Like every other event or occasion it is important that the parents prepare a list of people they want to invite to their child’s ceremony. Unlike weddings this is a function where only close family and friends are invited. You must only invite those will play an important part in the life of your child. Parents could also invite the new friends they made during the pregnancy and all the people who helped them during stressful times.


Almost always a combination of pastel colours are used as the theme of a baby ceremony. You could decide specific colours according to the baby’s gender or neutral colours as well. If the ceremony doesn’t include any religious rituals parents could also opt for a kids cartoon themed ceremony.

Hire Professionals

If you need help with decorating and designing the venue or even your home you must hire an event planner to do the job for you. Parents can also hire a baby photographer Perth to capture special moments between the baby and the family. If parents decide to performs religious rituals they must make appointments with the religious leader so he can be present at the ceremony.

Personal Events

Even if there aren’t any religious rituals involved parents could make the ceremony more personal and memorable. It could include a reading by the parents and grandparents of the baby. The parents could play a video with all the wonderful family photos and also share pictures of the journey from the beginning until the birth of the child.


The ceremony is a day where friends and family gather to spend time together and simply enjoy themselves. In order to make them feel comfortable it is important that they are provided with amazing food. You could also order a cake that matches the theme of the ceremony.

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